TABAČKA Kulturfabrik


Gorkého 2 040 01 KOŠICE SLOVAKIA


pete[at] tel.: +421 905 464 384


KulturFabrik is a cultural and social project of the Bona Fide Civil Association, which aims to create environment for the development of culture and creativity, environment for the residential activities and exhibitions, a centre of theatrical, dance, musical or multimedia productions while creating natural environment where people-visitors actively communicate with the artist-author. KulturFabrik is a body of innovative elements creating a platform for the development of young artists, creativity and local civic activities. We would like to build on our existing activities and a wide range of international cultural institutions, created on a platform of a community of artists who have breathed new life into the empty unused factory halls.


Fundacja Kultury Wici


25-416 Kielce, ul. Zbożowa 4 Poland


tel. 41 344 11 77 fundacja[at]


It was founded in August 2005 based on the project of cultural information - including a web portal operating since 2002 (100,000 unique visitors per month) and printed free of charge cultural informant in Kielce and region. Members of the Foundation since 2002, also involved in the organization: the next edition of the Festival Firmament, cross art exhibitions in Kielce and the region, since 2003, the cyclic multi-disciplinary event "Birthday Wici" in DST Palace Zielinski, between June 2004 and co-organization of independent music concert cycle "WDK Alternatiff "since 2005, the organization of the competition and exhibition of photographic and Open Workshop Firmament.


The exhibition in Kielce will take place in:


Muzeum Dialogu Kultur


ul. Rynek 3, 25-303 Kielce tel. 41 344 60 96 lub 41 344 40 14, wew. 241 fax. 41 344 82 61 e-mail: dialog[at]


JOHAN o.s. - centrum pro kulturní a sociální projekty


Havířská 11 301 00 Plzeň IČ: 6878300 info[at]


JOHAN Centrum is the centre for cultural and social projects in Pilsen. Johan develops its activities along three main lines: artistic projects (festivals, theatre and paratheatre projects, production, consulting), social work (street work, contact and information centre for problematic youth, primary prevention of pathological phenomenon, resocialization projects and work with volunteers) and educational projects (concerned with methods based on educating by art, aesthetic education, drama education and personal and social development). In order to achieve its goals the activities of Johan are mainly concentrated on creating a space for cultural-social contacts Open Space for Communication Moving Station in the empty building of the railway station Pilsen–South. Moving Station is an independent space for alternative culture in the city of Plzen. The space of the former railway station has since its opening served as a studio for theatre makers (workshops, rehearsals and original projects), artists (exhibitions and workshop space) and musicians (recording and concerts). JOHAN is unique in our efforts on ‘interconnection’; we always aim at building bridges. We work with children and young professional artists, we produce performances of the local scene as well as of performers from Russia and Japan and parallel to the work with performances and exhibitions we organize public workshops. We try to link different kinds of visual arts and theatre


The exhibition is Plzen will take place in:


Moving Station


Most Ivana Magora Jirouse 1, 301 00 +420 775 131 440


Bakelit Multi Art Center


164 Soroksári Road, Budapest, Hungary, 1095.


csaba.paroczay[at] bpm[at] +36/30 516 52 25


Bakelit Multi Art Center is a multicultural institution, located in the industrial area of Budapest. After the Second World War, the area developed into spinning factory for textile workers. Since 1999, this industrial area holds a multi art center for the innovative and creative aspects of fine arts and performing arts. Since then, there is rhythm in this building of the industrial area.


Bakelit M.A.C aims to build common future of these artists by accommodating them with diverse artistic spaces such as theatrical studio, rehearsals halls, performance halls and stage, exhibitions and events rooms. This multi art center gives the opportunity for various artists to learn, create, and perform as it is an environment to think creatively through the arts.


Bakelit also offers an art residency program, and the possibility for artists to design their own residential program. There is a hostel, called Factory Hostel running in the same building which makes the stay of the artist more comfortable as they can live, rehearse and perform in the same place.